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A strong storm shelter can keep your family safe during a tornado. You can find a variety of storm shelters and parts at Ross Block & Tile Co. We carry shelter sizes that range from 5x8x68 inches tall all the way up to 6x9x6 feet tall that can hold up to a dozen people.


You can also live comfortably in your shelter as they can be fitted out with electricity. Each shelter is reinforced with 4-inch thick walls for maximized protection from powerful storms. With our top-notch storm shelters, rest assured to remain safe when the storms hit.

Receive Top Tornado Protection from Our Storm Shelters

Providing you with the best fortified storm shelters

  • 10-gauge steel doors

  • Concrete walls reinforced with wire mesh and 3/8 rebar

  • 3 kinds of storm shelters

  • 2 sizes to choose from

With over 50 years of premium storm shelter work experience

Carrying a wide range of durable storm shelters

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